Profile of our organization in English



Tamara Pomoriski, coordinator of international activities,

3. ADDRESS: Karlínské nám. 7, Praha 8, 186 00


The House of Children and Youth of the capital Prague (in Czech “Dům dětí a mládeže hl. m. Prahy”, currently referred to also as “DDM hl. m. Prahy” or “DDM HMP”)  is the biggest and the longest existing fully open free time centre in Prague founded  in 1950. It offers interest education – our aim is to fulfill leisure time of our clients by offering free time activities for children, students, adults and also seniors. The organisation is founded by the Capital City of Prague.


Our organization focuses on non-formal education and we help children, young people and also adults fulfil their leisure time with meaningful activities they not only enjoy doing, but whose also help them to develop their key competences and deepen their interests and skills.

We offer regular educational and interest activities (about 500 regular courses during the school year), occasional educational activities and events for public; we also organize competitions and shows for children and students in cooperation with schools. We provide open clubs for non-organized youth, counselling services and other activities as weekend events and summer camps.


Our organization offers courses focused on art creation (art, musical, drama, dance, etc.), scientific activities (technical, biological, chemical), sport and education. We also have an accredited “Youth Information Centre” working in the framework of our organization.

Our organisation consists of seven departments located in Prague. Here is a short description of each department:

Youth Information Centre (Informační centrum: – gathers and provides relevant information from the areas of education, work, travelling, free time, social problems, citizenship in the EU. It creates brochures with free-time activity possibilities and ensures public relations and international activities (youth exchanges, coordination of EVS).

Karlin Spectre (Karlínské Spektrum: – interest activities aimed at social, motion, art, ceramic, dramatic and educational activities, tourism (land and water) and outdoor activities. It organizes camps and schoolings and other events for public.

Klamovka Club (Klub Klamovka: – the club focuses mainly on the area of culture and art for groups of any age. It offers various events for public (concerts, theatre performance, open air festivals etc.)

Science Station (Stanice přírodovědců:  – offers broad possibilities of science and breeding-orientated forms of hobbies and creates real calm oasis with plants and animals in the very centre of the city.

Station of technicians (Stanice techniků:  – focuses on technical disciplines (art, photographic, videomaking), pattern making and IT technology. It organizes regular exhibitions, workshops and thematic lectures for public.

Youth stadium (Stadion mládeže:– is a sport centre with equipment for various kinds of sport activities. It holds number of competitions and programs for clients interested in sports.

Zmrzlík (Jezdecké středisko Zmrzlík: – a horse riding centre oriented primarily on training and theoretical preparation of pre-school and school children.

The organization also runs seven camp bases in the countryside outside of Prague and one accommodation unit in the centre of Prague.


We have previous experience in organizing international educational activities – mainly youth exchanges, training for youth workers and European Voluntary Service. We have carried out several successful projects in the framework of the previous programme Youth In Action.

The list of our projects can be found on the following link at our official web page (unfortunatelly in Czech only):

Working on the quality of our international projects and deepening their impact on the target group is one of our priorities for the following period. The coordinator of international activities takes part in supporting trainings organized by the Czech National Agency regularly (long-term training for youth workers, training for EVS coordinators, regular meetings of EVS coordinator at the round table, etc.). She speaks fluent English and French (and some basic Spanish as well).


We would like to establish more stable and long-term partnerships with similar organizations abroad and carry out international projects together.

We are primarily interested in youth exchanges, cooperation within the European Voluntary Service and youth trainings. However, we are open to any new kind of cooperation as well, should we find it out it matches our organisation´s needs.